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SOLO RUMORE(Nur Rauschen)

“Solo rumore” is a multimedia concert based on the noise by Alberto Anhaus.

The concert space will be re-adapted: the performer will be in the center and the public will surround the performance that is going to happen in and out of the center.

The concert is divided in 2 macro-sections: “In-Out_In” and “Going slow, vai piano”.


"Windows and dimensions" is a series of pieces in which I play around with sounds coming from unexpected instruments; in different dimensions with the particular ways of creating sounds, and going through different setups representing different windows.Music by: Ablinger, Saunders, Lucier, Santacruz, Anhaus.





is an immersive installation based on smell, sound and visual mutation of organic materials.
Through the vibrations of different cone speakers with above organic materials, the space will be invaded by the smell and the sound emanated by the conservation and decomposition of 4 different materials which are : earth, leaves, dead plants and grass. The selection of this material has been dictated by the idea to work with what is around me as an individual person in Bern in autumn 2022.

Moreover, this performance includes a collection of micro-sounds from the conservation/ decomposition process from 1st December 2022 to 20th January 2023.
The materials have started the conservation/decomposition process the 1st December 2022.



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