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INPUT [DUO] is a collective for he exploration of the new languages of music. Formed by Alberto Anhaus and Núria Carbó, and based in Bern, Switzerland, Input Duo aims to find new ways of music expression through the combination of electronic devices, mechanic objects and not conventional instruments. The collective propose a multimedia show, based on the interaction between video, light and electronics and wants to create versatile and easy-to-move projects, to fit into today's fast-paced, expansive world.


Collettivo_21 is a contemporary music ensemble, formed by young professionals, born in Piacenza (Italy) in 2015 at the Conservatorio “G. Nicolini”. Defined as an eclectic ensemble, Collettivo_21 has been working since its beginnings with musicians and composers from all over Italy and Europe and explores different aspects of contemporary classical music, often going beyond the boundaries that define it as such, collaborating with festivals and contemporary art exhibitions and artists.

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