I'm a musician, performer specialized in Contemporary and experimental music.

Born in Montebelluna (TV) 12/05/1996

I began studying drums and percussion at the age of 12. 

I was admitted to the Bachelor course at the "C. Pollini" Conservatory in Padua under the teaching of Massimo Pastore.

In the year 2017/2018 I studied at "Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie" and had the opportunity to perform at the Philharmonic theatre of Krakow under the guidance of M° Daszkiewicz.

In July 2019, I completed the Bachelor's degree at the Pollini Conservatory in Padua with a score of 110/110.

In October 2019, I was selected for the "Percussion Creation" scholarship organised by the "Istituto per la Musica della Fondazione Giorgio Cini” in Venice. 

In November 2019, I was selected for the orchestral master course in Conservatorio of Parma under the teaching of Nick Woud and I finished it with 106/110.

I have collaborated with projects such as "Art Percussion ensemble", Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Sampl, Ex Novo Ensemble, Orchestra del Cinema muto di Pordenone, Young Solidarity Orchestra, RITMØ3, Vertigo ensemble, INPUT DUO, Collettivo_21.

I collaborate with composers of the calibre of Claudio Ambrosini, Giovanni Mancuso, Sir Carl Davis, Leonardo Mezzalira, Ardavan Vossoughi and Simone Tessari.

I was directed in ensembles or Orchestras by conductors as Emilio Pomarico, Marco Angius, Pierangelo Valtinoni, Giovanni Mancuso.

In march 2020 I worked on a solo online project called “In Touch” in collaboration with “Taverna Maderna”, a group of composers. 

In September 2020 I have started my Master performance in HKB Bern with Brian Archinal.

In February 2021 I have been selected for "Young performers on Digital stage" a series of online concerts by Divertimento Ensemble.

I am currently support by Nicati-de Luze foundation and Gertrud Rüegg foundation.