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He studied percussions at the Conservatories of Padua, Krakow (PL), Parma and Bern. Specialized in experimental music for years, he has collaborated with projects such as "Art Percussion ensemble", Sampl, Ex Novo Ensemble, INPUT DUO, Taverna Maderna and Collettivo_21.

He has participated in master classes with artists such as Curran, Beneventi, Savron, Løffler, Steen-Andersen, Jodlowski.

He has been selected for the scholarship "Creation of percussion" organized by the Cini Foundation of Venice.

In 2023 He has been selected as finalist of "Berlin prize for young artists" and from March 2023 he is part of Biennale College of Venice Biennale Musica edition 23'.

In la Biennale Musica of Venice he has presented the installation "Colonization- Sea Invasion".

He collaborates with composers such as G. Mancuso, E. Radigue, K. Sheehan, L. Guidarini, Iadema, Z. Toraman and F. Machiavelli.

He has performed in festivals and venues such as Fondazione Prometeo of Parma, Crossroads Festival in Salzburg, Kontaktas festival in Vilnius, Swiss percussion days in Basel, O’Culto Lisbon, Biennale music Zagreb, Mantova musica, Inpuls Graz and la Biennale musica di Venezia.

He is supported by the Gertrud Rüegg Foundation and the Nicati- de Luze Foundation.


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