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- 5th May,  ESMAE, Porto (PT)

- 6th May, Ermo do Caos (PT)

- 7th May, Moagem do Fundão (PT)

- 8th May, O'culto da Ajuda, Lisboa (PT)

w/ HKB Percussion

- 14th May 2022, Pakt Bern, Switzerland
w/ ICE3 Ensemble

- IN-OUT_IN digital version on digital gallery

- 28th May 2022, Festival  'A Suivre 41', Bern
Solo performance "Going slow, vai piano"  at 17h

-1st June 2022, presentation "Paesaggi Sonori" residence with @input/3 in Progr, Bern (CH) at 17h

-2nd of June 2022, Festival "Traffic" in Bern, "Carnival of Souls" by José del Avellanal Carreño  at 18h

- 12th June 2022, Festival Traiettorie, Parma (IT)

- 12th July 2022, Sala della Carità, Padua (It) w/HKB Percussion, Taverna Maderna concert

- 4th-6th July 2022,Swiss percussion days in Basel,Switzerland w/ Hkb Percussion

- 12th January, 2023, Playtime festival, Bern (CH), solo performance, new percussion solo work by by Lautaro Figueroa

- 18th January, 2023, Bern (CH)

"Music for 18 musicians" by Reich

w/ Ensemble Vertigo

- 20th- 21stJanuary, 2023, A Suivre festival,Bern (CH)

"Organico", multi- sensorial installation

- 7th March, 2023, Sound and Space, Villa Elisabeth Berlin

BPFYA final 

- 17th March, 2023, Nur Rauschen, Soapbox, Bern (CH)

- 20th April, 2023, Biennale Zagreb (HR), w / Collettivo_21

- 5th May, 2023, solo set, IGNM Bern (CH)

- 6th June,2023, Traffic festival, HKB, Bern (CH)

- 10th June,2023, Traffic festival, HKB, Bern (CH) w/ Input Duo

- 7th June,2023, Lunch-concert, solo set, Yehudi Menuhin Forum, Bern (CH) 

- 17th June,2023, solo set, Pakt Raum, Bern (CH) 

- 15th and 17th July, 2023, TBA, Bern (CH) and Salzburg (AT)

- 16th-29th October, 2023, "Colonization, Sea Invasion", Biennale Musica, Venice (IT)

- 24th- 30th July 2022, Percussion Gathering in Casa della Musica Montaldeo (IT)

- 24th September, 2022, Festival Kontaktas, Vilnus (LT)


- 27th September, 2022, HKB , Bern (CH)

solo concert

- 11th October, 2022, HKB , Bern (CH)

Solo final recital Ali Latif Shushtari

- 3rd November, 2022, Reitschule, Grosse Halle, Bern "Occam Ocean II" by Éliane Radigue (Mondial premiere)

-4th November, 2022, Pakt, Bern (CH)
-5th November, 2022, Basel (CH)
w/ @Input3 (Input duo + Paola Lepori)

- 16th November, 2022, Auditorium GKS, Bern, "Imaginary Landscape n. 1" by J. Cage,

Atelier week

- 17th November, 2022, Progr, Pakt Raum Bern, solo performance"Going slow, vai piano" video version 

w/ Romane Bouffioux, Liz Marti, Masahide Tokunaga

- 10th December, 2022, Bern (CH)

"Amber Mold" by Luca Guidarini

w/ Input Duo

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